studio 7.5

 2017 - 2018
studio 7.5 is a design studio based in Berlin that primarily designs office solutions for Herman Miller, but also undertakes self-initiated explorations in other fields of design. During the six months of my internship, I assisted them, working on many projects as a part of the team.

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experiences and insights
For the most part, I assisted the final development and design stages of the Cosm office chair, designed by studio 7.5 for Herman Miller.
One of the most important features of the Cosm is the so called carrier. It is a woven membrane, framed by a polyurethane rim, which is then stretched onto the frame. During development, many prototypes of these carriers have been injection molded by hand, directly by and in the studio. Here, I want to show the process of creating a carrier prototype for the leaf arm rests.
After preparing the CAM files in PTC Creo, I CNC milled the parts for the injection mold.
One of the molds after preparing.
A finished prototype leaf arm carrier. After stretching it onto its frame, the tensions and their impact on the membrane can be investigated.
I also participated in some CMF design processes, which are just as important as the form finding processes at the studio.
I worked on a CNC mill for a lot of other projects…
Working with newly developed 3dprinting technologies was also an insightful aspect of my internship.
For the studio’s concrete woven benches, I created some conceptual renders.
Simon von Schmude