Groove @ studio 7.5

Groove is a project by studio 7.5 for Daimler, investigating the communicative potential of reactive surfaces to support collaboration between humans and autonomous vehicles.
I assisted this project by co-working on its design, electronics, mechanics and manufacturing.

Groove has been exhibited at the Ars Electronica 2019.
Find out more about Groove here.

#ptccreo #arduino #kinematics #electronics #3dprinting #cncmilling #metalworking
Autonomous vehicles lack communication skills that are vital in public environments: How can a vehicle without a driver signal its intentions and earn the trust of other people?
Our hypothesis is that if we constantly share status and intent of the system, we can build a shared understanding and trust allowing to coexist, interact and even collaborate.
Motion stimuli directly appeal to our lizard brain: motion information is processed – without the detour of reasoning – even in the periphery of our field of vision. We created different motion patterns and explored the wealth of expressions and their semantic connotations.
A wall of many pointing devices communicates directly to this part of our brain.
The interactions and motions of Groove are the result of a collaboration between a Kinect, multiple Arduinos and servo motors, run by a grasshopper script.
Simon von Schmude